Greg on Bear Lover.

Duncan Boulders

Every Friday I get a text from my friend Mikhail asking if I can go up to Duncan to shoot some bouldering. With my all-consuming school schedule I wasn’t able to find the time to make the trip until the second-last day of my final break – three weeks before he leaves for NSCAD. Noah […]

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Bastion Square Grand Prix

I spent a few hours this weekend wandering the blocks surrounding Bastion Square as groups of lycra-clad cyclists whipped past me. On my 1985 Norco Monterey, I’ve hit just over 40km/hr on flat, and I average around 27km/hr. These guys (and girls) were going well over 40 the whole time. I actually felt light-headed at […]

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Crag X Powersurge Video

I filmed this highlight video of the finals at the latest Crag X Powersurge competition a few weeks ago. If you’ve ever wondered what goes into filming a bouldering competition, it (mostly) involves 11 hours of hanging out at the gym, having some beer, and then watching really (really) strong climbers attack the problems. In […]

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Crag X Powersurge Photos

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Six Side

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