Ashley in Squamish

Weekend in Squamish

Mikhail spent the summer living¬†with his girlfriend, Tianna, in Vancouver, giving him almost immediate access to Squamish every weekend. As such, I’ve been subjected to his endless Instagram feed of boulder after boulder. With only a couple weeks before Mikhail returns to school, Noah and I drove to Vancouver, picked up Mikhail, sat in traffic […]

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Pelle on his Specialized Enduro Elite 29

Much like every time we plan to shoot, Pelle got his hands on a brand new, very nice mountain bike. This time it’s a Specialized Enduro Elite 29. While this thing looks great as-is, he’s got plans to cut glossy black decals to cover all the white highlights on the frame. In the meantime, here […]

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Screen Shot 2014-08-02 at 12.06.27 PM

Broken Ground – Capstone Project

Throughout July I worked with my classmates Duncan, Anita, Olivia, and Aimee on a capstone video project. We focused on the ethics of building and riding mountain bike trails on CRD land. My friend Scott connected us with Lorien who gave us a killer interview, and Dez, who agreed to get back on his bike […]

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Screen Shot 2014-07-28 at 6.08.07 PM

Mikhail – What I Love About Skateboarding

Short video I shot for school with the help of Mikhail and Noah. It’s rare that Mikhail steps on a board these days, let alone street skates, so I was stoked he was open to the idea.

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Greg on Bear Lover.

Duncan Boulders

Every Friday I get a text from my friend Mikhail asking if I can go up to Duncan to shoot some bouldering. With my all-consuming school schedule I wasn’t able to find the time to make the trip until the second-last day of my final break – three weeks before he leaves for NSCAD. Noah […]

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Bastion Square Grand Prix

I spent a few hours this weekend wandering the blocks surrounding Bastion Square as groups of lycra-clad cyclists whipped past me. On my 1985 Norco Monterey, I’ve hit just over 40km/hr on flat, and I average around 27km/hr. These guys (and girls) were going well over 40 the whole time. I actually felt light-headed at […]

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Crag X Powersurge Video

I filmed this highlight video of the finals at the latest Crag X Powersurge competition a few weeks ago. If you’ve ever wondered what goes into filming a bouldering competition, it (mostly) involves 11 hours of hanging out at the gym, having some beer, and then watching really (really) strong climbers attack the problems. In […]

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