Mikhail spent the summer living with his girlfriend, Tianna, in Vancouver, giving him almost immediate access to Squamish every weekend. As such, I’ve been subjected to his endless Instagram feed of boulder after boulder. With only a couple weeks before Mikhail returns to school, Noah and I drove to Vancouver, picked up Mikhail, sat in traffic in Stanley Park for an hour, then finally made it to Squamish.


We arrived Friday night; just in time to fish for old, disgusting salmon on the Mamquam River.squamish-3






First day of bouldering. Tianna on Slingshot.squamish-11

Mikhail got better shots than me, so when he gets his act together and builds a website I’ll link to them.squamish-12

Ashley on Slingshot.squamish-13

Mikhail on Tim’s Sloper Problem.squamish-14

Noah light-painted the top of the problem, and Mikhail shut off his headlamp so it didn’t mess with the exposure. Cutting Edge, V5.squamish-15

Ashley on a V2 in Paradise Valley.squamish-16

Hanging out at TIE Fighter in Paradise Valley.squamish-17


Tianna on TIE Fighter.squamish-19

Lorraine on TIE Fighter.squamish-20

Jane on TIE Fighter.squamish-21


Mikhail eying up a dyno on The Force.squamish-24

Brett sticking the Dyno on The Force.squamish-26

Lorraine on Crystal Method, V5. I was looking for an angle and put my camera and flash down to the right of this boulder. I felt a couple wasps sting my leg, and a few more started to get a little comfortable crawling up the leg of my shorts, so I left my gear and went back to my bag to grab a lens. Tianna called me back over, and pointed to the swarm of wasps covering my gear. No exaggeration – a legitimate swarm of wasps, covering my camera. Mikhail then donned a McGyver-style bee keeper suit and grabbed the flash. After he sent the problem, he snuck towards my camera and came charging over the rock, camera in hand – not one sting. squamish-27


Random guy on Little Dragon.squamish-31

Mikhail topping out Little Dragon. He slipped off the top just before this, so a few screams and some slippery legwork got him over the top on his next try.squamish-32